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Rosemary-Infused Lemonade

31 Jul

Whenever it gets really hot out I just absolutely crave lemonade. I had a bunch of lemon juice leftover from the limoncello, it was like the drink gods were calling to me! We had recently tried a rosemary-infused lemonade at a sandwich shop, and I wanted to see if I could copy the recipe but also cut down on some of the calories. I used Stevia instead of sugar and it tasted pretty delicious.


There are a couple different brands of Stevia with different conversions. It typically tells you on the package what it is – mine was 1 Cup=6 TBSP, so I used 12 TBSP for this recipe. As this amount isn’t true for all types of Stevia, I put in the sugar equivalent and you can do the math yourself.


What I used:
2 cups of lemon juice (probably about 12 small lemons worth)
12 cups of water
2 cups of sugar (or an equivalent – I used stevia)
4-5 sprigs of rosemary

Heat 4 cups of water and the sugar (or substitute) in a medium sized saucepan on high, stirring until it’s dissolved and the water is clear again. Turn the heat off, put the rosemary in, and let sit until cool.


Combine the lemon juice, rest of the water, and the cooled water/sugar mix. If not drinking immediately, discard the rosemary and garnish each glass with a new sprig.


I think the hardest part about making this was resisting the urge to drink it all in one day!