Limoncello, step one

13 Jun

Life has been pretty crazy since we got back from Ireland. We have been traveling to New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut to visit friends and family; we have prepared (and successfully thrown) my college graduation party; and we have been preparing for a summer full of weddings. All in all, it’s been a pretty crazy and I haven’t had a ton of time to cook (or write about cooking).

Although – I have had something wonderful and delicious going on. I decided to make some boozy Limoncello. I set it up a few weeks ago as an experiment and it is going much better than anticipated. It’s a three step process, and it takes a couple months all in all. Long story short, you take a high proof alcohol (preferably grain, but literally whatever the highest proof you can), steep some lemon rind in there, take them out after a while, and then throw some sugar and water in there. Sounds simple, right? It is.

Here are links for:

Step Two

Step Three


First step:
What I used:
1 handle of grain alcohol (or the highest proof alcohol you can find)
25 lemons (yup… thats right.)
a sharp knife or veggie peeler
a large container that you can close up tight
recommended: citrus juicer


What I did:
Start by peeling the lemons, being sure to get only the rind with no pith (so just yellow, with no white parts). Throw it in a giant tupperware container (or whatever you’ll be using), and pour in all of your alcohol.


Cover and put in a cool, dark place. Shake it up every once in a while, about once a week or so. The booze should sit in the tupperware for about 6 or 7 weeks – you’ll know it’s ready when the lemon peels get crispy and snap when you bend them.


Optional: juice the lemons and save it for your next cooking adventure. We probably had a liter when all was said and done!



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